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what is ultimate sandbag™?

The Evolution of Functional Fitness!

Developed in 2005 by Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, and Physical Therapist, Jessica Bento, the Ultimate Sandbag™ is the perfect tool to help you improve your fitness in and out of the gym. Josh and Jessica worked on developing a tool that would represent the imperfect nature of the real world and sport. Having been competitive athletes suffering serious back and shoulder injuries, it was important to Josh and Jessica to figure out a system of training that would allow people to build resiliency in their bodies and discover levels of their fitness they never knew possible!

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The DVRT™ Fitness Program

Revolutionize How You See Fitness with DVRT!

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) is the innovative and dynamic training system that shows you how your Ultimate Sandbag revolutionizes fitness programs. While the Ultimate Sandbag gives you the most powerful fitness tool, DVRT provides you the know how to create fun and effective functional fitness programs that allow you endless variety without sacrificing purpose and precision. 

DVRT has become an essential part of rehabilitation clinics, military units, sports performance programs, and fitness facilities in over 80 countries worldwide. Find out how this incredible fitness program helps people see fitness differently. Find out how it can change YOUR training and results!


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"All my life I have been overweight, when I was in high school I was over 230 lbs, Poor Diet and nutrition, In Nov 2010, I was 27 years old and the largest I had ever been in my life at 336 Lbs, something needed to change, I was told by several doctors that I would develop Diabetes and was in very poor Health. I decided to change my diet and start doing a morning Routine, which was in part based on Power 90 (the basic version of what would become P90X) I lost 30 lbs, but got...


"The Ultimate Sandbag has added a whole different stimulus to our clients training by engaging new muscles and burning more calories than before. ...

"I was first introduced to the DVRT system at KohPT Lab in 2008 when I was having to rehab from an ACL surgery-  I saw the benefits immediately!  Because it’s not your traditional method of loading, it allows you to explore ranges of motion and movements while under load; strengthening and providing feedback- discovering dysfunctions not seen unless loaded.   As someone who is constantly seeking to provide his clients with the best methods to reach their goals safely and...

"Josh Henkin is one of the most innovative fitness professionals that I have ever met. He has created both a tool and a training system that provides a total fitness solution, not just for athletes, but for the masses looking to burn fat, build muscle, and bulletproof their joints. In his DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, you'll not only learn progression principles that apply to sandbag training, but also to every other training tool including your own bodyweight. Whether you want...

"Since implementing the Ultimate Sandbag into my metabolic programs, I have observed marked improvement in overall ESD in a way that surpasses programs without the sandbags. With 25 years experience working with clients and competitive athletes, I am well-versed in using many different training tools and modalities.The sandbags have a 'perpetual progressive" component to them that is difficult to encapsulate. Each time you perform a drill with even the same size bag the body...


"In my many years of teaching, training, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has increased my awareness of movement with any modality I now use.The foundational strength I have gained by implementing DVRT and using the Ultimate Sandbag has helped me strengthen weakness I had built from years of lifting, to the mirror. It’s like a one stop shop…building strength, correcting imbalances and or exposing them, with a cardio component. My frame is much more solid because of it. As I eat...

"The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system covers a depth and breadth of movement and loading that is not found anywhere else in the industry. ...

"GREAT!!!!! Puts a whole new meaning to the word exercise. My workouts were getting stagnant until now. I'm excited about working out again."...

"Virtually every single one of my clients has met or exceeded their personal fitness goals (be it conditioning, fat loss or strength) with the help of the Ultimate Sandbag. It’s an all-in-one tool. You can push it, pull it, drag it, throw it, press it, snatch it, hold it….whatever you need to do. Explosive lifts, plyometrics, "odd object" lifts and classic strength lifts are all possible. Thanks to it's versatility, I can create very intense circuits for any of my clients at...


"Upon my first exercise with it, i knew immediately that THIS was the TRUTH in fitness plateau's. The reps with this causes more energy output and caloric acceleration. As well as utilization of more muscle fibers. I swear by this bag and its rewards. I am a professional firefighter in a large metropolis. This, along with a good diet will ensure my longevity and ability to perform and contribute to my brothers and the citizens that i have sworn to protect. Thank you."...

"This Ultimate Sandbag is amazing! The DVRT system is what sets this apart. I am totally satisfied with my purchase...totally changes how I look at strength & conditioning. Thanks!!!" ...

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